Providing Culturally
Appropriate Opportunities
For Education and Training

The creation of Kiikenomaga Kikenjigewen Employment & Training Services (KKETS) has been made possible by assistance of funding from HRSDC. It is the objective of the Kiikenomaga Kikenjigewen Employment & Training Services to be able to provide relevant training initiatives and create employment opportunities within its service area.

To access KKETS programs and services please complete the KKETS Universal Application Form. 

To Empower Individuals to take
Initiative for Change

To provide culturally appropriate opportunities for education, training and employment by providing professional advisory, support services, relevant systems and programs to empower individuals to take initiative for change in their own lives.

KKETS services the Matawa communities of Aroland, Constance Lake, Eabametoong, Ginoogaming, Marten Falls, Nibinamik, Webequie and Long Lake #58 First Nations. 


David Neegan - Executive Director
Ila Beaver - Executive Assistant
Jessica Sutherland - Administrative Assistant
Tabatha Jourdain - Funding Accountability Officer
Shane Milanese - Finance Officer
Glen Achneepineskum - Finance Officer
Tara Ingram - Strategic Planner
Jaqueline Gagnon - E-learning Coordinator

KKETS Adult Education Program (KAEP)

Una Petten - Program Manager
Ken Galloway - Social Development Officer
Caitlin Fletcher - Social Development Officer
Priscilla Jacob - Program Assistant
Sabrina MacLaurin - Social Development Officer
John Slipperjack - KAEP Cultural Activities Coordinator
Lucy Bois - KAEP Receptionist/Data Clerk


Courtney WardProgram Manager
William RobinsonApprenticeship Officer
Ben Cheechoo - Apprenticeship Officer
Ashley Edwards - Apprenticeship Officer
Devon Meekis - E-Learning Coordinator

Discovery House: Construction Craft

Lorraine Whitehead - Business Capacity Building Advisor
Diane Wesley - Lifelong Learning Manager
Wayland Moonias - Program Coordinator

KKETS Staff Listing

KKETS Board of Directors

Eunice Magiskan – Board Member
Constance Lake:
Ron Wesley – President of Board of Directors
Lawrence Atlookan
Treasurer of Board of Directors
Lisa Echum
Vice President of Board of Directors
Marten Falls:
Josie Baxter – Board Member
Richard Roundhead – Board Member
Norman Shewaybick – Board Member

Harvester Grant

Tracey Willoughby Program Manager
Ulysses LachinetteMiijim Project Assistant
John Gagnon - Miijim Capacity Coordinator

In-Community Miijim Workers
Aroland -
Wynona Gagnon
Eabametoong -
Kurt Atlookan
Marten Falls -
Chris Moonias
Neskantaga -
Daren Sakanee
Nibinamik -
Sheldon Oshkineegish
Webequie -
Sharon Mekanek

Indigenous Language Revitalization

Jade WilloughbyAnishnaawbe Wiichiwaywin Project Manager
Logan BruyereE-Learning Coordinator
Jaqueline GagnonE-Learning Coordinator
Fred JacobLanguage Intern

Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ISETS)

Roxann Shapwaykeesic - Program Manager
Corrina WesleyECC Program Officer
Marsha RubenEmployment Wellness Officer
Angela Sofea
Intake and Referral Officer

In-Community Employment Community Coordinators

AROLANDRobinson Meshake
Stephen Peltonen
Ricky Ostamas
Jessie Waboose
MARTEN FALLS - Chris Moonias (PT)

Mariah Wabasse